Cycling in London is my drug of choice

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My girlfriend started cycling more then a year ago. I couldn’t understand why she would ride a bike in a city like London with car drivers being nuts and pedestrians like myself being self-absorbed arseholes, jaywalking whenever they have the chance.

A few months I got myself a bicycle. A beautiful Carrera Vanquish. It’s white with neon-green lettering and black neon-green seat. It has 16 gears and it’s super light, so it’s perfect. My first few rides were on a weekend, where I was testing the road and figuring out my commute.

2 months ago I committed fully to cycling to work on a daily basis. There were a few days when I didn’t cycle, but generally speaking, cycling is now my choice of transport around London and it’s amazing. You get an adrenalin rush any time you are off the cycle lane and you are among these high-velocity metal objects. Not only that, you need to look out for any meat sacks that want to jaywalk.

The best thing about cycling is the energy you have. You stay awake for longer, you fuck longer, even jerking off became an exercise. You are focused, clear, and on top of the world. You could say all forms of exercising can be seen as a good drug, but cycling has something else about it. I can’t put my finger on it, but hey, I am now a cycling addict, I will write more about it at some point.


Photo by Daniel Frank on Unsplash

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