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Marketing on social media doesn't have to be a pain. We have different services helping you to get the most out of your efforts. Check it out and pick one.

Community Management

We recognise the difference between community and social media management. This is why we have an entire package dedicated to community management. We help you build and manage a community around your brand, product, or service.

Social Media Management

Social media management is a combination of science and art. We use data to drive our decisions and combine it with art to create engaging and compelling content. Psychology is the foundation of all our work.

BeSpock Solutions

Like Spock, we want you to have a scientific and emotional side. We give you the opportunity to get a bespoke service, tailored to your own needs. You don't have to outsource everything.


Having a process is incredibly important. Without it, any social media efforts can get messy and chaotic. We like letting our creativity go wild within our process while knowing what will happen next.

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As Earl Nightingale said: "Everything begins with an idea." After we audit your profiles, we start generating ideas for the strategy, content, and more.

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Having a plan is extremely beneficial for all of us. We plan every single detail in-depth, preparing for any possible scenario or reaction.

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We create all our content, preparing for the next step, testing things, looking at what works and what doesn't work, or just making last minute changes.

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Replying to comments, listening to the audience, adjusting the strategy if required. This is the new normal once we launch a new campaign or implement a new strategy.


Our social media agency offers multiple packages. Pick one, get in touch, and let’s meet up. We would love meeting you and your team. All of our packages include an audit of all your profiles, weekly reporting, and a dedicated account manager.

  • Community Management
  • from £499
  • We manage your community, making sure that your audience members interact with each other. A healthy community around your products or services can be a powerful tool.
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  • Social media management
  • from £699
  • Our social media management package is designed to cut through the noise. We want you to stand out among your competitors and industry influencers.
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  • Tutti Frutti
  • POA
  • Do you need a strategy but think you can produce your own content? Do you need training for your team? Our bespoke solution is tailored to your needs.
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About us

LooSo is the looniest social media agency in the industry. We are not a yes-sayer agency, we do not sign everyone, and we don't play by the rules. We are experts in our field, you hire us so we can tell you what to do, not the other way around. Each of our clients receives our undivided attention. Our mission is to understand your brand, your brand's personality, and most importantly, your audience. Social media management, or marketing, is not something you give an intern as a task. Good social media work has some serious science behind it. We take it very seriously, so should you.

It is incredibly important to us to stay up to date with pop culture, social sciences, and technology. We combine psychology with arts and leverage everything with technology. We want to have an impact on your audience. We want to start conversations, make people talk about you, and make sure that you see the return on the money you spend with us. Making you succeed on social media is what drives us forward. We don't care about fancy awards, we care about your opinion and your opinion only. A "great job" from your side means the world to us.

In order to achieve the best possible results, we have weekly feedback sessions, in which you and your team can express your thoughts, contribute ideas, or update us on anything important we should know. We promote "a conversation" with your audience, so we take a page out of our own book and make sure to have a conversation with you. We enjoy working as a team, and communication is what makes a team truly flourish. You will be able to reach your account manager without a problem through all available channels. We want you to be happy.

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