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About us

LooSo is the looniest social media boutique agency in London. Our objective is to increase your company's profits through social media, utilising our expertise in this field. We are proud to say that we are not trophy chasers, nor do we want to be seen as artists. Our goal is to be acknowledged as an agency that helps grow businesses.

What we do

Strategy Development

We develop high-impact strategies tailored to your objectives. Using data and in-house developed analysis methods, we ensure the best possible outcome.

Community Management

The community is the heart and soul of each brand. We work hard to keep them interested, engaged, and happy on a daily basis.

Content Production

Your content is your voice. We create and curate content that fit your image while tailoring it to specific social media platforms.

Advertising Management

Social media advertising doesn't have to scary or expensive. We run your ads efficient and highly targeted to generate the best outcome.

Influencer Management

Social media and influencers go hand in hand. Managing influencers doesn't have to be hard. We oversee everything from negotiation to collaboration for you.

Why you should work with us


Our only focus is social media. We want to be the best in our field. We achieve this by being up-to-date with every change social media platforms makes, with new best practices, and testing.


We can work in any industry with every business size out there. What we can do better is collaborate. We understand that you might have in-house teams or other agencies that provide other services. We are ready to be part of a bigger unit.


Running a business is difficult. Paying more money to agencies and hoping for the best is also not great. We want to be accessible to everyone, giving smaller businesses the opportunity to grow.


We don't care about awards, case studies, and other trophies. Our job is to provide the best possible service by achieving set objectives. If we have to be discrete, we will be.


Pack No 1

This particular social media package is designed for startups, one-person organisations, and small businesses. We directly invest in your business.


p/m excl. VAT

Pack No 2

Growth and engagement is the focus of this package. We help you widen your reach.


p/m excl. VAT

Pack No 3

This package contains everything you need for your social media marketing. We deal with everything so you can focus on more important things.


p/m excl. VAT

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